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Oops! I missed your thyroid reading. Doesn’t sound like that’s a problem for you.


Thanks for the link Rose!! I haven’t read it yet but surely will. My thyroid is normal. It tends to go up and down but right now I will be happy with it being in the normal range. I think that I had a blood test for something to do with Celiacs. I think it was IgA ??? I will have to check back on my reports for that. That test came back normal. As for my Ferritin. I would think that with a level of 9 that my doctor should want to check my iron level?? Surely if my storage is low then the iron would be low. Then with my B12 going down, that is disheartening when I have been trying so hard to get it up to a good level for the past two and a half years. Thank you again for your comment. I always appreciate new information!!

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Charlotte says


I wonder if anyone could help me, I am a bit confused from everything I have read and could do with some advice (I am a 26 year old female):

I have had symptoms of extreme lethargy, feeling down, electric shocks and an upset tummy for the last 3 years and have been back and fourth to the doctors several times. The doctor offered me anti-depressants but nothing further. I knew I wasn’t depressed!! Last April the doctor did a blood test and my B12 level came back at 130, he gave me a chat about diet and told me to take some multivitamins that contain B12. I went for a follow up test in June and it had gone up to 180 which was just below the 185 that they considered normal so he decided it was down to my diet and said I needed to follow up. However since Christmas I have felt worse than ever – I can easily sleep for 14+ hours at night and still be tired – I have quite a serious job and have been finding it almost impossible to concentrate, I have used all my leave up taking days off to just sleep. I went back to doctors desperate, they did another blood test and my B12 came back low again, this time at 95 despite the facts I am taking pills with 140% of my recommended daily intake.

The doctors gave me another chat about diet (I have a normal diet and eat meat/fish dairy etc). They have taken my blood again to check for intrinsic factor (I think that’s what its called?) and have sent me a referral letter to make an appointment with a hematologist. I am a bit worried as waiting list for the hospital appointment is about 8-9 weeks. I asked the doctor if I would be starting injections before then but they said it was best to wait until I have seen the hematologist. I am getting concerned that 95 is probably quite a low reading and 8-9 weeks sounds like a long time to wait? I should get my results from the intrinsic factor blood test in a few days. If i do have enough intrinsic factor then is there some other reason why i am not absorbing vitamin b12?

Any advice anyone can give would be hugely appreciated.



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October 19, 2015

“Here We Go,” an optimistic, groovy folk song from Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors is among an emotional mix of others that exemplify what their latest album, “Medicine” is all about — the comforting, entrancing, healing power of music.

“Music, it makes you feel good, makes you feel understood,” Drew Holcomb croons in the third track of the album, released this past January.

The album was inspired by stories they’ve heard over the years, from friends, family and fans alike. It all comes together to create a poetic, intimate biography of the human experience.

“We make music for other people, not just for ourselves,” says Holcomb.

“Medicine” became an instant hit with fans, and is what Holcomb describes as one of their most successful albums to date.

After starting off the year with the album’s release, the Nashville folk/rock ensemble dove straight into a roller coaster of a summer — supporting their longtime friends NEEDTOBREATHE for 38 dates on the Tour de Compadres; putting on the Moon River Music Festival in Memphis back in August, which they headlined.

And, in the mix of it all, Drew Holcomb and his wife Elle, had their second child. She has stepped away from the band to take care of their daughter and now newborn son.

“He’s doing great,” said Holcomb. “It really was a summer I’ll never forget.”

Take a glance at comments and tagged posts on their social networks, or go to one of their shows and see their fans’ faces in the crowd. Fans all radiate positivity and give praise for what Drew and his crew are doing, what they are helping people feel.

“Our music really hits home in a lot of people’s hearts and lives,” said Holcomb.

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors started and grew from familial roots, and their songs have always been more grounded and more personal. As they have grown as a band, so has their impact. Fans have transformed into more of a family, and now this new family has come full circle to shape their songwriting.

“I’ve always felt the audience was like the extra member of the band,” said Holcomb. “It made sense for me, as a songwriter and as an artist, to let those two things bleed into one another.”

Even before the crowd got ahold of “Medicine,” Holcomb knew there was something special about the album right from the beginning. The recording process for this album was much easier to swallow this time around for Holcomb, opposed to previous recordings.

After writing such authentic songs, he wanted the recording of the album to have the same sort of genuineness. So, instead of piecing together elements to create the songs, Drew brought the whole band in everything at one time for a more live-performance vibe.

“We literally started a song, and worked only on that song until it was completely finished,” said Holcomb. “We actually recorded it a lot faster doing it that way.”

Fourteen songs in only eight days, in fact. Recording the album this way felt more relaxed, more cooperative — like they were recording it right from the stage.

“This record has glued everybody together and we’ve been able to refresh in exploratory ways,” said Holcomb. “I think the band is feeling as good as we’ve ever felt,” said Holcomb.

Now, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors are embarking on the Medicine Tour, an 18-date bout of their own to round out the end of the year.

As a man who has known first-hand the medicinal power of music, he enjoys performing his own to anyone who needs it. If “Medicine” had its own prescription label, Holcomb says he would inscribe one simple phrase: “It’ll cure what ails you.”

Catch Drew Holcomb the Neighbors at the Neighborhood Theatre with guests Penny and Sparrow this Saturday, October 24 .

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Leads placement can be corrected according to mirror position, wherein the left lead is placed on the right arm, the right arm lead is placed on the left arm, and the V 1 through V 6 leads are placed in the V 2 , V 1 , and V 3R through V 6R positions. The ECG ( Figure 2 ) performed with the leads correction showed sinus rhythm with positive P wave in leads II and III, negative P wave in lead aVR, and right atrium hypertrophy. The electric axis of heart was −105°. QRS in limb leads in II, III, and aVF were characterized by rS complex, the chest lead in V 1 showed a qR, and in V 5 and V 6 were rS. These ECG findings were consistent with mirror-image dextrocardia accompanied by right ventricular hypertrophy and left anterior fascicular block. The patient had congenital cyanosis (suggestive of intracardiac anomaly); therefore, it was necessary to exclude the possibility of single ventricle because in this heart lesion the ECG can be show rS in leads II, III, aVF, and the axis pointing upward, as in our patient. 1 , Iro Woman Leather Pouch Crimson Size Iro Khu0zHZka

Figure 2.

Corrected lead placement according to mirror position. A 12-lead ECG was obtained.

Transthoracic echocardiography ( Figure 3 and Movie I in the online-only Data Supplement) and chest computed tomography (CT) scan demonstrated that the patient had mirror-image dextrocardia with single ventricle. Only 3% to 10% dextrocardia has been reported to have concomitant intracardiac anomaly, 3 whereas single ventricle is even rarer. Therefore, a diagnosis of ventricular depolarization abnormality should not be made in this circumstance. In this case, the significant left-axis deviation can be explained by the underlying congenital abnormality, which leads to malposition of the conduction system. The His bundle and left bundle branch of a single ventricle are congenitally displaced toward the inferoposterior septum, and there is concomitant left anterior fascicular hypoplasia, leading to relative advanced depolarization of inferior myocardium and the axis pointing upward in ECG.

Figure 3.

Transthoracic echocardiography. Searched on the apex located in the right side of chest, the transthoracic echocardiography showed atrial situs inversus, single ventricle with no septal structure in apical 4-chamber view, which demonstrated mirror-image dextrocardia with single ventricle. LA indicates left atrium; MV, mitral valve; RA, right atrium; SV, single ventricle; and TV, tricuspid valve.

The important lesson learned from the diagnostic procedure of this case is that in a patient with mirror-image dextrocardia accompanied with cyanosis, the possibility of single-ventricle physiology should be considered in the face of conflicting ECG findings.

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