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The name of the default queue used by .apply_async if the message has no route or no custom queue has been specified.

This queue must be listed in TROUSERS 3/4length trousers BONPOINT 4cEUw
. If task_queues isn’t specified then it’s automatically created containing one queue entry, where this name is used as the name of that queue.

See also

Changing the name of the default queue

Default: .

Name of the default exchange to use when no custom exchange is specified for a key in the setting.

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Default: .

Default exchange type used when no custom exchange type is specified for a key in the setting.

Default: .

The default routing key used when no custom routing key is specified for a key in the setting.

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Default: .

Can be (messages not written to disk) or (written to disk).

Default: "amqp://"

Default broker URL. This must be a URL in the form of:

Only the scheme part ( transport:// ) is required, the rest is optional, and defaults to the specific transports default values.

The transport part is the broker implementation to use, and the default is amqp , (uses librabbitmq if installed or falls back to pyamqp ). There are also other choices available, including; redis:// , sqs:// , and qpid:// .

The scheme can also be a fully qualified path to your own transport implementation:

More than one broker URL, of the same transport, can also be specified. The broker URLs can be passed in as a single string that’s semicolon delimited:

Or as a list:

The brokers will then be used in the broker_failover_strategy .

See in the Kombu documentation for more information.

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These settings can be configured, instead of broker_url to specify different connection parameters for broker connections used for consuming and producing.

Both options can also be specified as a list for failover alternates, see broker_url for more information.

I think you will find that on the rare occasions MMA levels are tested prior to treatment (in any form) the figures suggest that in certain demographics the percentage is a possible 44% of people suffering from sub-optimal b12. My concern here is that there is no evidence that topical applications work at all and the ‘science’ behind it is flimsy at best and should not be recommended to patients with a potentially lethal illness. In fact, this is an illness that has always, prior to treatments being available, as a ‘distinct morbid entity.’ You will die if you don’t get the correct treatment. And the problem has always been that – patients struggling to get the ‘correct’ treatment. And most patients struggle to get the correct treatment and therefore will try anything. But ‘anything’ doesn’t work either – it still has to be proven – because the risk to the patient is permanent physical injury or possibly death. That’s why I say, you have to be 100% certain of what you are claiming, because lives depend on it.

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If I was deficient, this is what I would take, there is nothing that I have seen that would be better. Why not try it before you defy it?


Allie says

I do not believe there is a 100% remedy for this, what works for some may not for others. Fact of life. Definitely worth trying.


I agree, although I have tried the product that I believe Greg is talking about and it seems to work for me. I have had PA for over 20 years, and have been thoroughly fed up with injections, so it was really nice to try something different and find it works.


I know that there were studies done on passive diffusion reporting the 1% uptake but have never seen them although the figure is well reported. The injectible absorption rate studies which I’ve seen, ‘roughly’ because I’m not looking at them, said 100% at 3mcg and 15% at 1,000mcg. I still don’t know just how they established this though. With the oil I’m certainly confused at how it would be picking up the transport protein in the digestive tract. Using the logic the sales people seem to be using simply means that we could all put some b12 in a carrier oil and rub it on. Since, like many others, my life depends on getting enough b12, I wouldn’t like to chance that this does pick up protein carriers in some way without substantial evidence.


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