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Managing Director – Sun Fabulous



Izdihar Rosland is the majority shareholder for Sun Fabulous Sdn Bhd. He holds a bachelor business degree from University Technology of PETRONAS and even was accepted by University of Aberdeen for MSc(HONS) Oil and Gas Enterprise Management but due to business commitment, he decided to drive the company.

Prior to the acquisition of shares in 2012, he worked with Exxon Mobil, Talisman Energy and was employed as Marketing Director by Sun Fabulous Sdn Bhd. His tasks were overseeing the company’s technical and business strategy alongside previous owners to accelerate the business till retail-concept. Izdihar Rosland has helped prioritizing resources to the most promising opportunities, making further investments in consumer knowledge, driving creativity and innovation through products and services, and expanding the Company’s distribution and geographic penetration. He also revamped all strategies for greater integration across the Company’s brands, regions and functions to create cost efficiencies and leverage scale. He founded Avacello Sdn Bhd for oil and gas business and the company is also the shareholder for Sun Fabulous Sdn Bhd.

Sun Fabulous Sdn Bhd is now entering market not just in Malaysia, but our consumers are from Abu Dhabi, Brunei, Singapore, United States and Switzerland.

As the finalist of International Young CEO Match 2007, Izdihar Rosland aims to position Sun Fabulous at the same level with international brands like Estee Lauder, SK II and Ferragamo.

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