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Sun Fabulous Sdn Bhd


SUN FABULOUS is a Malaysia based company and it was established in 2010 with sole intention of providing high quality health supplements and beauty products that would improve the well being of our customers.

Today we collaborate with Japan based company to produce the most effective and leading health retailer of nutritional supplements and cosmetic products; with various products and aggressive plans for continued expansion of our product range.

We never compromise on service or quality and all our products are manufactured in government inspected and approved facilities. All ingredients have been approved and tested by qualified medical practitioner pharmacists for purity and effectiveness.

Our office is headquartered at Neo Damansara, and we have our own distributors in several states in Malaysia.

Our consumers are not mainly in Malaysia, but our products have been used by customers in Singapore, United States, Switzerland, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Brunei.

In our literature and on our customer service we detail exactly what our products contain, so that you can compare our quality and ingredients with those of our competitors.

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